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Chapter 77 began in 1979 at the Vietnam Veterans Outreach Center in Buffalo, New York. Veterans working with and through the Outreach Center realized that meaningful accomplishments could be achieved best by affiliating with a national organization. Vietnam Veterans of America offered us national identity, prestige and organizational guidance while allowing a grassroots approach to local Chapter management. As a VVA chapter we could collective and effectively seek solutions to problems and concerns common to all Vietnam era Veterans.

  Chapter 77 has grown progressively since our affiliation with VVA. In 1984, we incorporated as a non-profit veteran's organization under the laws of New York State. In May of 1986 the United States Congress granted the VVA a national charter, a distinction we share with other major veteran's organizations. The VVA is the only Vietnam Veterans organization to be so recognized.

  Americans have finally come to realize that they must separate the war from the warriors. Everyone that served our country during the Vietnam Era shared the same risk of those who served in Vietnam. Those in the military learned and earned the benefits of friendship, pride and self-esteem in serving in the military. These and other benefits are found in the members of Chapter 77 as we help one another build and maintain productive and fulfilling lives. If you served in Vietnam or in any other duty station during the Vietnam Era you belong with us in Chapter 77. This is YOUR organization, if you did not serve in the military, but support those who did, you are eligible and welcome to join as an Associate. Your membership in V V A helps create a positive and constructive image for all Vietnam Era veterans.

  You will help provide a stronger voice on such vital issues as the right to judicial review for veterans, POW/MIA affairs, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) needs, and all other issues of interest to veterans and their families. Join Chapter 77 today.

 Change your life for the better! 



  • Maintains an accredited service representative certified with the Veterans Administration 

  •  Collects and distributes food and other necessities throughout the year for veterans and their families in need Supports the POW/MIA efforts to seek the best acceptable accounting of US service personnel held captive or declared MIA in Southeast Asia

  • Sells papers on "Kids Day" to benefit Children's Hospital of Buffalo 

  • Played a major role in establishing the Vietnam Veterans Monument on the Buffalo Waterfront

  • Conduct memorial services at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Veterans Day and Memorial Day

  • Provides Chapter members to speak responsibly about the Vietnam War to schools and community groups

  • Sponsors Color Guard appearances at numerous local and civic functions

  • Provides volunteers for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Buffalo and other charities conducting drives and telethons

  • Assists unemployed veterans by a member network of for job referrals and search

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